Sugar-Free Citrus Sodas

Sugar-Free Citrus Sodas

‘Zevia,’ the Los Angeles-based better-for-you beverage manufacturer, announced the reintroduction of its ‘Citrus Trio’ line of fruit sodas. The Citrus Trio includes Zevia’s ‘Orange Soda,’ ‘Lemon Lime Twist,’ and ‘Mountain Zevia’ flavors. All three of these drinks contain zero sugar, and zero calories, and are sweetened with stevia, which in part inspired the brand’s name.

The Citrus Trio beverages are entirely guilt-free for consumers to enjoy. On top of this, the Lemon Lime Twist and Orange Soda varieties are caffeine-free, while the Mountain Zevia contains a small portion of caffeine. These three drinks are available online at Zevia’s store in packs of 24, 355 mL cans for $25.45 USD. Aside from these bundles, the drinks are available in smaller portions at select third-party retailers.

Image Credit: Zevia


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