Metaverse User hold Companies

Metaverse User Support Companies

‘Helpshift,’ the mobile-first customer service platform, has launched ‘Metashift’ as a Metaverse-ready customer service solution. Helpshift is famous for its customer service solutions that keep users within the application rather than directing users to a third-party customer support website. The company believes this seamless method of delivering customer service is superior as it helps with user retention and increases customer satisfaction.

Metashift will incorporate this same business model. With Metashift, companies can implement user support and feedback systems within their virtual reality, augmented reality, or other Metaverse applications. Within Metashift-enabled Metaverse applications, users will be able to receive high-quality customer service without needing to take off their headset or log out of the application. This will help companies increase both CSAT scores and revenue.

Image Credit: Helpshift


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