How to build the best park in Overcrowded Tycoon

How to build the best park in Overcrowded Tycoon

How to build the best park in Overcrowded Tycoon

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Overcrowded Tycoon is a joyful idle game where you’ll want to spend most on your time actually on the game. Through my extensive playthrough, I have devised a list of must-know tips to get off the ground fast – and profitably.
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1 Don’t make them wait!
One of the key features of Overcrowded Tycoon is upset customers. Something you can completely mitigate with proper planning. When building your first attractions it is enticing to fully upgrade everything, from the seats, to the ticket price, but one thing you absolutely must not fully upgrade, is the queue length. I learned this the hard way. There are way too many queue spots per available seats, and as soon as people start lining up for the attraction, they start to get a little angsty.
Before long they will become angry, and storm out of the line and head straight for the exit. If they reach the exit whilst still angry, then they will demand a refund! Catastrophic, I know. My advice is to only upgrade the queue length so that there are the same number of spaces as there are available seats, this way you will never have to see an angry face leaving your park and taking their money back.
<img src=" park.jpg” title=”How to build the best park in Overcrowded Tycoon” alt=”How to build the best park in Overcrowded Tycoon”>
A bustling park, with strategically placed mascots

<img src="" title="How to build the best park in Overcrowded Tycoon” alt=”How to build the best park in Overcrowded Tycoon”>
A bustling park, with strategically placed mascots

<span class=pagenum id=Strategically- place-your- mascots>2 Strategically place your mascots
One of my favourite things about the game is the amazing mascots that you can place around your park. Not only are they cute, but they, if placed smartly, can significantly increase your profits and your customer’s happiness. Upon handing out their little gift to your customers, their anger will diminish and a certain positive trait will increase. It is important not to bunch them up, as then each customer may not have a chance to bump into each one.
So, spread them out, and place them at busy corners or junctions, to witness the hordes of customers demanding balloons or pirate hats. Additionally, if a ride has evolved enough, each customer will provide you with more money if they are holding a certain mascot’s object. To capitalize off this, place your mascots just a little before the entrance to make sure the customers pick up the required object before they go onto the ride. Oh, and place them so they inadvertently channel the traffic towards the ride’s entrance.
3 Check the vibe
What makes Overcrowded Tycoon fun is the eventual hordes of customers transformed by their experience. To maximise profits, you have to channel and nurture one of three positive traits – extremely happy customers will pay triple their entry fee at the end and in the wishing well! To do this, segregate your rides by what mood they fulfil, either thrill, cute or fun, and dedicate the leftmost and rightmost branches to rides that increase the same trait. The third trait’s rides can be filtered through further up the park. Your goal here is to make sure customers max out at least one trait to make the most money.
But with the good, comes the bad. You need to make sure their anger, nausea, and hunger are mitigated. Anger is, surprisingly, easy to defeat as long as you manage the queue lengths. Nausea can be controlled by having a couple resting areas readily available right outside rides that significantly increase nausea, like the teacups or the kraken swirl. All you need to do to keep hunger down is, well, provide food. Prop up lots of shops, especially near the final stretch (although that’s more to make money than actually help the customers – but we’ll keep that between us). Having plenty of picnic tables is a must when building shops in the middle of the park, customers with food can’t ride attractions, so having a place for them to stay put and finish their meal is a must.
If you keep this advice handy, then nothing in the world will bring down the moods of your happy, paying customers.
<img src="" title="How to build the best park in Overcrowded Tycoon” alt=”How to build the best park in Overcrowded Tycoon”>
Humble beginnings of a humble ride

4 Upgrades, people, upgrades!
An obvious feature of any tycoon game is upgrades, to make your attractions more profitable. I know it’s obvious, but upgrade everything, except the queue length, of course. I would recommend you prioritize the seats, then the speed, then the ticket cost of your rides for efficiency sake.
You can also upgrade the entrance, to receive more customers at a time and increase the ticket cost. By far, in the early game, the ticket cost is your best friend. Not only do customers pay this twice – upon entry and at the gift shop, they could be paying double or triple at the gift shop depending how happy they are. The more you increase this, the more money will flow your way.
Before you leave the game, try to evolve or build an attraction, that way, when you get back, you have the satisfaction of opening another ride, whether it’s the debut or the grand reopening.
ACS fun time – tickets for only $200! Bargain!

ACS fun time – tickets for only $200! Bargain!

5 Events
Another great feature of the game are the events. During my playthrough, the alien event was open, and I had a blast. I don’t want to spoil much, but I will say this: put your all into it. The event will only be available for a few days, so make sure to practically ignore your main park to do well. New rides, mascots, and many diamonds await you at certain milestones.
6 …watch videos?
I know it may seem sacreligious, but I really didn’t mind watching adverts to speed up the construction of my park. They are required to light the firework show later available in the park, which I happily do so every time to really see the money flow in. You may not generally prefer to watch videos, and usually I wouldn’t either, but I didn’t mind so much with this one.
As long as you follow these tips, you’ll have a happy, profitable park in no time! Any strategies that you recommend for Overcrowded Tycoon? Put them in the comments below.

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