Digital Eyewear NFTs

Digital Eyewear NFTs

The Family of Gs is the inaugural collection of in-house fashion wearables NFT from Brand New Vision and it dropped in the form of 1,000 digital eyewear assets.

The wearable non-fungible tokens are helping Brand New Vision to explore the future of the Internet, all the while offering benefits for all holders, including “founder-level utility and exclusive access to BNV’s quickly emerging digital fashion ecosystem.” The community gets VIP entry into metaverse experiences, surprise collabs and much more. Richard Hobbs, the founder of Brand New Vision, stated, “We believe that digital wearables provide multi-dimensional opportunities to engage in Web3, helping brands and consumers alike navigate the colliding realms of fashion, NFTs, and virtual worlds.”

The Gs are set to be the rarest and most valuable drop in the “Family of Gs” collection.


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