Collaborative Straight Bourbon Whiskeys

Collaborative Straight Bourbon Whiskeys

Crux Fermentation Project, a network of craft beer innovators that boasts a tasting room in Bend, Oregon, has teamed up with Pursuit Distilling Company to develop a truly unique straight bourbon whiskey that derives inspiration from whiskeys across the planet.

This particular straight bourbon whiskey is 100 proof. In terms of flavor profile, it is said to have a delicately layered and multifaceted taste that is highlighted by orange spice and chocolate, with delightful hints of vanilla and cherry providing a satisfying aroma.

The spectacular quality of this straight bourbon whiskey is also the result of a carefully engineered wash carried out by Larry Sidor, co-founder of the Crux Fermentation Project, and meticulous distillation in American oak barrels on the part of Pursuit Distilling.

By combining expertise and experience across different beverages, Crux Fermentation Project and Pursuit Distilling have truly created a one-of-a kind whiskey for the ages.

Image Credit: Pursuit Distilling Company


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